Lindbergh Baby Case

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The Introduction to Criminal Justice
Kaplan University
By: Nekisha Thomas

The Lindbergh baby case became very interesting story all around the world. As you know Charles Lindbergh made headlines flying across the Atlantic from New York to Paris. Charles married Anne and settle down in a small town in New Jersey with the son Charles Jr. On, March 1, 1932 the Lindbergh 20 month old son Charles Jr, was kidnapped from his crib. The three components applies to this case because the police was called; first officer on the scene was the director Norman H. Schwarzkopf. During his investigation he notice it had rained and a lot of evidence had been washed away but notice some ladder marks by the
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The attendant wrote down valuable information concerning the suspect license number which populated back to a Bruno Hauptmann who government officials kept a close eye on and took him in custody.
Investigators knew what they had to do, and knew they had the right suspect in questioned. They presumed with asking Bruno Hauptmann to write; where there would be a comparison of in handwriting from the ransom note to now, and the comparison was “unbelievable”. The similarities of strokes it takes to make that word or letter was amazing, gave investigator the evidence they needed to hold against him. Another component is the courts where substantial evidence will be used to hold Bruno Hauptmann with the crime. A preliminary hearing would proceed in which will show the court and jury the evidence that is brought before him.
The case was taken to trial where Bruno Hauptmann was denied bail but was found guilty and was charged with extortion in September 1943 by the Supreme Court Bronx County, New York and was tried and charge with murder in the first degree in New Jersey. As Hauptmann stood trial on January 3, 1935 which lasted for five weeks; the circumstantial evidence that was brought forth by the prosecution e.g. ladder marks on the window sill, wood shaving from Hauptmann attic, important address and numbers, most substantial
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