Lindbergh Kidnapping Research Paper

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The Kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby:
Overview: American aviator Charles Lindbergh’s infant son Charles Jr. Lindbergh was kidnapped in March of 1932 from their home in Hopewell, New Jersey. A ransom note was written and eventually paid by the family. When the family paid the ransom, they were told they would find their infant son on a boat of the shore of New Jersey, but it was later discovered that this boat did not exist. The body of their infant son was found a week later a few blocks from their home. Investigators matched the handwriting of the ransom note to the handwriting of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was found guilty for kidnapping and murder. This was the first case solved by handwriting analysis.
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2. The JonBenet Ramsey Case:
Overview: In the 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia tragedy struck the city as their beloved JonBenet Ramsey, young beauty pageant queen, was kidnapped and murdered. At first police suspected her parents as the murderers, as the ransom not found for her kidnapping was proven to be written on Mrs. Patsy Ramsey’s notepad, Proved by the inventions found on the pad. Nevertheless, after DNA testing both Ramsey parents were proven not guilty of the crime once and for all.
How Did a Document Help the Case: The document analysis proved that Mrs. Patsy Ramsey did not write the ransom note, though it was written on her notepad. This information plus the negative DNA test ultimately led to the Ramsey parents being found not guilty in the crime.
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This diary contained a look into the mind of the arguably most evil and twisted man to ever live. As it drew the attention of all of the population of the world to have the opportunity to hop into the mind of the man behind the Holocaust, Forensic Scientist felt an incredible amount of suspicious behind the documents and decided to do further research. This research led to the discovery that, though the handwriting seemed to match that of Adolf Hitler, the materials used in the jornal, such as the type of paper, the glue used to hold the journal together, and the ink of the pen, were proved to have been manufactured in a post-war time. This proved the diaries

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