Linden Hills and the Struggles That Come with I Essay

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There are three ways Luther Nedeed is simultaneously a positive and negative role model for young men who represent the ages of Willie and Lester. First, Luther Nedeed believes in the importance of family but while doing so, he destroys many people, especially his wife and son. This is important because it shows that people can feel a certain way, but in the end, actions speak louder than words. Second, Luther Nedeed inspires hope and shows that the American dream is possible but while achieving this dream, it causes some people to sell themselves out. This is significant because it shows that if the prize to achieve the dream is the loss of one’s soul or compromise of one’s standards, the price is too high to pay. Third, Nedeed wants to…show more content…
When his son was born, he was light-skinned so he banished him and his wife into the basement where his son would die of starvation. He also ruined Laurel Dumont after her husband left her by telling her that her lease was no longer valid and she had to leave. As a result, Laurel commits suicide by jumping into an empty swimming pool. This is the negative side of this coin. Young men such as Willie and Lester do not need to see people ruining other people’s lives. They need to realize that what they say and preach should be how they act. Unfortunately, Luther fails to do that. Luther Nedeed inspires hope and shows that the American dream is possible. Linden Hills is an affluent black community where many people strive to live because of its fame and what it immediately does to your status once you move in. The Nedeed family started from scratch, one of them with just a cardboard suitcase and a dream, another one who poured cement for numerous foundations, and another who gambled every dime to keep the community afloat during the Depression. Young men who represent the ages of Wilie and Lester need to know that if you work hard enough, the American dream is achievable. It shows them that you must work hard and if you work hard enough, your opportunity may come one day. However, the American dream will cause some people to sell themselves out. By creating Linden Hills and maintaining it, Luther Nedeed has created monsters in the people who will
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