Lindsay Case Study

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I would characterize Lindsay’s behaviors as encompassing all three aspects of ADHD: inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Such behaviors existing in various settings and at multiple times in her life contributed to her eventual diagnosis of Combined Presentation ADHD. In terms of inattention, Lindsay has difficulty staying focused, likely because she is easily distracted, and consequently avoids tasks requiring focus, including organization. The only exception of this is when Lindsay engages in art because she loves this activity and is very talented at it. Hyperactivity and impulsivity are quite related and Lindsay exhibits these characteristics through blurting out answers in class and by interrupting people in conversation. These behaviors, in addition to those…show more content…
Her parents may have tried strategies that work for her which I could later apply to the classroom. Emphasizing planner use would be essential to her success in terms of keeping organized and staying on track. In the planner Lindsay could break down tasks and make checklists for herself of the things she needs to do. Also, incorporating breaks into lessons would ensure she remains attentive, focused and not distracted- all necessary for learning to the fullest. Should Lindsay feel the need to interrupt, teaching her cues of when to speak beforehand would be helpful so as one may develop interactive activities without apprehension. Allowing her to play with play doh or other fidget toys would also allow her to exert her energy elsewhere. Struggling with behavioral disorders can be lonely hence implementing a class-wide tutoring system would connect her to a peer while promoting a sense of community. In this collaborative environment, Lindsay and others may ask questions and hold one another accountable so that no one is alone in the reality that is
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