Lindsay Lohan

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Over my time spent learning about Lohan, I have learned quite a bit about her actions and her behaviors that lead her to her choices. According to TMZ’s (2011) biography on Lindsay, she started acting when she was ten years of age. This throws her into a very stressful and fast paced lifestyle at a very young age, which leaves her extremely susceptible to find ways to help control her stress. The massive amounts of attention from her fans, puts a tremendous burden on her.
Later on in her career, in 2007 she received two DUI’s, one ending in an accident. She has had been admitted to rehab on three separate occasions. The first time she was admitted to Promises in Malibu for addiction to alcohol and multiple illicit drugs including,
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In Axis II, she shows many symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, which is characterized by a lack of one’s own identity, with rapid changes in mood, intense unstable interpersonal relationships, marked impulsively, instability in affect, and instability in self-image. Which would also explain the impulsive drug use and theft. All of the drug abuse leads to many General Medical Conditions in Axis III. In Axis IV the best that fit her is Problems related to interaction with the legal system. In Axis VI, I have come to the conclusion that she falls under the classification of the range of 61-70; this means she has some mild symptoms, depressed mood, mild insomnia, and difficulty in social occupational functioning. All of these combined Axis’s explain her behavior and can enlighten us on many aspects that define her as a person with some personality and substance related illnesses.


The lifestyle incorporated with being a famous actress and singer, it appears that they have the high life, but it is obviously more stressful than portrayed. In a recent occurrence, Lohan was dealing with a stalker that was close to being violent towards her. To the public she appears like a drug addict and “mentally ill”. In my opinion she is just mislead. She is being held hostage by her environment and lifestyle. She is dealing with social rejection, with her so-called “friends”. Her “friends” are
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