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Lindsay Melay,
Stefania Palacio
Danny Garner
April 27th, 2014
Group Project

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement is a form of brand or advertising that involves a well-known individual using their fame to help promote a product or service. The most common business users of products are manufactures of perfumes, and clothing. Some Techniques that are used are for example, television ads and launch event appearances.

It is known to be true that the best endorsements achieve a deriving ideas, style and taste between the product and the celebrity. Giving a brand an appearance is more than just a marketing strategy to increase sales; it is a decision that can change the outcome of the brand for the
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Jay Z, just like his wife, he has joined the train of celebrity endorsement himself. He is a part of Samsung, 2k13, Sport Teams, alcohol, making a to of $500 million. These celebrity’s knows the importance of being a part of a major business deal because the majority of the celebrity that are involve are making most of their income off endorsement alone.

Companies are very selective when choosing a celebrity to endorse their product because they know the person is a great candidate for them to sell their product to the consumers. Before the company signs on the celebrities to endorse their brands, the companies need to make sure that these celebrities meet three basic qualifications.

One of the qualifications is the endorser must be someone who very attractive, the reason why companies tend to go for attractive celebrities because, most of the time it produces a positive effect on consumers. All in all attractive endorsers are more effective promoters than unattractive individuals.

Second to have a positive image in the society, third is to be perceived as having the necessary knowledge. The companies look for who’s popular. Yet the companies must ask themselves, can the person maintain their popularity, and how long will it last. Also what type of people they can attract, and who can make them profit. The companies even give in more money in the commercial or ways to endorse.

The third qualification is does the

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