Lindt vs Hersheys Media Analysis

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MEDIA ANALYSIS ALICIA HOOIMER 26038T LINDT VS. HERSHEYS “To make a comparison and contrast of two chocolate products/companies; Swiss chocolate company Lindt and American chocolate company Hershey, in regards to media outlets, community impacts and sustainability” INTRODUCTION Almost everyone around the globe loves chocolate, whether it is the art or the quality they focus on, or just the taste and the brand, it is one of the highest purchased of all the confectionaries. Lindt is a premium product chocolate brand and company, established in Switzerland, which focuses on providing quality chocolate and maintaining a high brand name. Hersheys is an American icon chocolate company, which provides tasty chocolate at an affordable price and…show more content…
Sweet chocolate contains more sweeteners and less chocolate liquor than semisweet chocolate. Hershey’s are also much known for there ‘Cookies and Cream’ chocolate bars which they started producing in 1994 (Hersheys, 2011). Now, Hershey’s is a middle range chocolate, which globally sell their products but still is not as big as Lindt regarding globalising the brand mostly because their biggest market is their own people, the Americans. MEDIA OUTLETS/ADVERTISING Lindt provides chocolate all over the world, but its main regions are Europe, Pacific, Asia and North America, the Lindt brand has global awareness. Lindt mainly using TV and internet for their media outlets as they are already a very well-known brand. Their TV advisements can be found on Youtube and show to all countries all over the world, including Australia. When you watch these adverts you can tell from the background music (normally stringed instruments) and the confident voiceover talk that they are a very prestige and prosperous company. In the adverts they also don’t say too much, they are direct and elegant with their words, again giving that feel of a premium, almost snobby product. On Lindt’s website there is an interactive kitchen called their ‘Secrets of Chocolate’ were you can interact on the screen and find out what ever you need to know about Lindt chocolate, from the history of the chocolate to recipes (Lindt, 2011). There is also one of the chocolatiers which talk

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