Lindy Tonkin High Office Politics

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Office politics are not different than any other politics. This is a way of getting ahead by manipulating people. It is process of using connections and social networks for personal gains. It is a way of using power to control others. Office politics are not the same as gossip. Gossips are used for entertainment and sensation only. Politics require some tactic and strategies to achieve the result. Thanks to office politics, a person who is less qualified than his coworker gets promoted. In turn, the promoted person will feel insecure in the new role and will put down coworkers to show her/his power.
Mild office politics motivates employees to work harder and compete to achieve a common goal. High office politics make simple tasks complex, organizations are ineffective, employees are burned out from work-related stress, talented but not politically savvy employees leave the firm.

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Cindy Tonkin, a consultant and writer, published a very inspiring article in the fall edition of Human Resources Director magazine titled "Office Politics: How to know if the hill is worth dying for". The article is a warning that changing a culture in an organization is a battle. One of the advices she gave is to update Link-in profile and refresh networking before rocking the boat. Regardless of the consequences, an employee should be prepared to look for another job. Therefore, before making an attempt on changing a rule employees need to weight carefully all pros and cons. They have to see who will support them, who will benefit from the change and who will fight them. Another aspect to consider is event if the battle is successful, will that impact the working relationship with the management or coworkers. As the title indicates, the final question should be is this hill worth dying
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