Line Break Monologue

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Everything went dark over me as the moss and roots wrapped me in their spindly arms. Line Break "Wha-what's going on-aah," I half yelled as I awoke from a sleep I felt like I had been tranquillized into. I screamed because of a sudden blinding light, it was like being asleep for along time and then having to look directly at the sun. "Hello, I see you have awoken from your coma," a flatish male voice stated to me. I was sitting on a faux leather couch in a white room looking at a man in a blue-black suit. "So who are you, I'm Ava by the way." "You don't need to know my name, but what you do need to know is that your name for now is pretty project A113 to us," the man had a voice like flour being rubbed in between your
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