Line Item Veto In America Research Paper

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Vetoes In America
Planning an anniversary party is a strenuous task. Joseph wants to plan the greatest party ever for his parents, but in order to accomplish this feat, Joseph is faced with a kaleidoscope of decisions including location, food, and people to invite. All of these are necessary elements of a party. Since Joe’s friends and relatives are helping him with the party, they offer suggestions on what they think these key elements should entail. Moreover, since Joe is in charge of the party, he has the right to say yes or no to these ideas. This ability for Joe to say yes or no is similar to the power of the United States President's veto. Vetoes allow presidents or a chief executive to reject proposed legislation. For instance, the regular presidential veto allows the President to reject bills and legislation made by Congress. The veto power itself plays a great role in the
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This is very different than the rest. According to Johnson, a line-item veto gives chief executives “the right to prevent particular provisions of a bill enacted by a legislative assembly from becoming law without having to kill all the other parts of the bill at the same time,” (Mitchell 2005). Many state governors have the right to use a line-item veto. For example, if a budget bill passes through a state’s legislature, the governor has the ability to pick and choose parts of it. Moreover, why is it that state governors have the right to this type of veto and Presidents do not? Presidents such as Reagan, Nixon, and Clinton have endorsed this idea using line-item vetoes. Conversely, the Supreme Court ruled in 1998, that presidential line-item veto powers are unconstitutional (Johnson 2005). Nevertheless, members of Congress believe that giving the President line-item veto power would enable too much power in the position of president. Regardless, line-item vetoes remains an important tool at the state government
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