Linear Programming Model Assignment Questions

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The homework problems for Module 4 are: 2-24, 34, 36, 38 (you only have to do part A for these problems. You do not have to do the part B graphical solutions) and 3-10, 12 (parts B and C for Problem 12), 28, 30. Please use Excel solver function.

I posted an annotated solution to Problem 2-5. This problem is an examplar for both the chapter 2 and 3 problems. In this example I show how I typically set up a problem. First I set up the linear programming model and then develop a parallel set-up to use as input to the Solver add-in. I use this strategy because I first like to set up the problem solution before I worry about setting up the parameters for using Solver.
24. Universal Claims Processors processes insurance claims for large
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Hours/ Unit
Product Line 1 Line 2
A 12 4
B 4 8
Total hours 60 40 a. Formulate a linear programming model to determine the optimal product mix that will maximize profit.
12. For the linear programming model formulated in Problem 10 and solved graphically in Problem 11: a. Determine the sensitivity ranges for the objective function coefficients, using graphical analysis.
b. Verify the sensitivity ranges determined in ( a) by using the computer. c. Using the computer, determine the shadow prices for additional hours of production time on line 1 and line 2 and indicate whether the company would prefer additional line 1 or line 2 hours.
28. The Bluegrass Distillery produces custom- blended whiskey. A particular blend consists of rye and bourbon whiskey. The company has received an order for a minimum of 400 gallons of the custom blend. The customer specified that the order must contain at least 40% rye and not more than 250 gallons of bourbon. The customer also specified that the blend should be mixed in the ratio of two parts rye to one part bourbon. The distillery can produce 500

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