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Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows The operating systems Linux®, Macintosh® (Mac) and Microsoft® Windows® are the main software to every computer system to run properly along with other hardware. These operating systems (OS 's) are very different in several ways, but they also have some similarities too. Linux, Mac and Windows use memory management, process management, file management and security management to operate the computer systems correctly. The first management to compare and contrast between the three OS is memory management. Memory management is a process of handling computer memory to different programs to operate a system effectively. This type of…show more content…
The user could be running a service or daemon that will continue running when the user is no longer logged into the system. Generally, users cannot modify processes that are being run by other users, the root (system administrator) user or the process owner would have to modify any process. However, some users can be granted special permissions to be able to modify the processes of others, if the system administrator would like to give them that permission. Mac Process Management Because Mac is a BSD-style operating system, it is also a multi-user operating system. However, since Mac is more of a desktop OS, it is not common to see many users accessing the system at the same time. In spite of this, the process management in Mac is very similar to Linux because they are both UNIX-based operating systems. One key difference is that with Mac most people would modify and control processes from with the GUI and most users would modify the processes using ps on Linux. Windows Process Management In general, Windows is not a multi-user operating system, unless it is a Windows Terminal Server, meaning that it was not designed to handle more than one user at a time, whereas Linux and Mac are both multi-user operating systems and is capable of handling multiple users at a time. Windows however, can run multiple processes as different users concurrently. With all three operating systems, users cannot terminate or modify the process priority for other

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