Ling Yushi's Room: A Narrative Fiction

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Sigh, little sis, come on, I had even told you specifically to talk about your engagement with Qin Lie after breakfast. Yet you just didn’t want to listen. Second Aunt’s entire family was still at the table, you know, so how can it be comfortable for dad to talk about things like that?” On the mountain path between Ling Town and Herb Mountain, Ling Yushi, who was dressed in emerald green, wrinkled her brows. Her elegant and refined face was filled with rebuke as she softly chided the girl beside her. The fiery-red leather-armored Ling Xuanxuan was like an ignited gunpowder barrel. She vented her feelings on the rock in front of her as she kicked, shattering it into pieces which flew all over. As her straightened jade leg swung back into place, it brought along a fierce gale. She snorted, “If it…show more content…
Ling Yushi’s eyes were filled with bitterness to the brim, as she also sighed lightly in her heart. Forcing herself to sound cheery, she said: “Dad and Third Uncle are both at Herb Mountain. Talking about this in the dining hall today was not appropriate, so big sis will come with you to find Dad, ask about this matter, and see what exactly is going on with that marriage agreement between you and Qin Lie.” “In any case, I refuse to be engaged to that fool!” Once Qin Lie was brought up, Ling Xuanxuan’s little face hardened, “I don’t even know what Daddy was thinking. That guy can’t even talk and doesn’t even have a soul. I’ll get bored even if I stay with him for a short period of time, there’s no way I can endure that!” “I know, I know. Big sis obviously isn’t willing to see you be together with him either. Don’t worry, big sis will definitely stand by your side.” Ling Yushi softly laughed and consoled. The two sisters were like two beautiful mountain demonic foxes as they softly chatted whilst walking in the direction of Herb
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