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Taboo Language Utaboopia is a recently discovered planet with many humans inhabiting the place. Just like any other humans, Utaboopians have their language for communication purposes. It was necessary to learn the Utaboopia language and how to communicate with them. However, the Utaboopians do not have any taboo language in their culture. For the humans living on planet earth, they have some limitations structured by a particular culture on words that are publicly considered vile in what is known as taboo language or taboo words. Therefore, since there is no such thing as taboo words in the language of Utaboopia, here is a description of the taboo language and how it operates in the planet
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For instance taboo words on profanity; secular and derisive language, blasphemy; anti-religion words like holy shit, what the hell, and sexual language. Taboo words are many ranging to referents such as disgusting objects, animal names, racial insults and psychological digressions such as wimp, retard and psycho. There is a limited semantic range of taboo words, therefore, the need to classify taboo words into sexual, religious or scatological taboos. The taboo language would range from somewhat offensive words to exceedingly ugly taboo words. Use of taboo language could produce either positive or negative consequences depending on the context (Ladkin, 17). For instance, a speaker could use taboo language to arouse humor amongst his or her audience to help ease a rather tense situation or conversation. How offensive or appropriate a word or words are largely based on the setting or circumstance that they are used. For example, the way a teenager will name a sexual organ in the presence of fellow teenagers is different from the way the teenager will refer to the sex organ to their parents or teachers. Therefore, the offensiveness of taboo words is defined by the pragmatic variables like the relationship between speaker and listener, the age difference, the tone used and the social and physical background. A five-year-old toddler, for instance, could utter taboo words without knowing the meaning the way adults do. On the other hand, what children see as
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