Linguistics and Dialects in Japanese Essays

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In a language, there are usually variants that emerge from it—variants such as dialects or different colloquial phrases. This usually happens when the language is split across different parts of the country or world. Different living situations call for different phrases or different ways of expressing that idea. In Japanese, these different dialects are known as hougen. There are several different Japanese hougen comprising that of the Tokyo area, the Tohoku region, the Kansai region, and even the Kyushu area to name a few places. Also within each certain areas, there may also be variants of each hougen with similar or minor changes such as in Kansai, there’s difference between Osaka and Kyoto for example. In general, the dialects in Japan can be split into about three different parts: Eastern, Western, and Kyushu.
Eastern Japan
The dialect of Japanese that is spoken in Tokyo is well known as the being called the “Standard Japanese” or hyoujungo for the language. The beginning of this adaptation started back in the Edo period as it was becoming the capital of the country. Other dialects were considered more countryside and less sophisticated. Now the spread of the standard Tokyo dialect is prominent due to the fact that it is heard widely on television, taught in schools for education, and even seen in official signs.
In the Northeastern region there’s Tohoku-ben. Tohoku-ben is spoken in the northeastern area of the main island Honshu, encompassing the…

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