Link Between Anxiety And Depression

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The Link Between Anxiety and Depression
Cheyanne James
Caledonia Mumford High School


The two different mental disorders, anxiety and depression, obtain more in relation everyday. Although each can have different causes and characteristics they share many common ones. Strong links throughcertain illnesses and disorders like asthma and headaches are being configured through specific chemicals in the brain. Two examples being serotonin receptors and corticotropin releasing factor receptor1. Certain combinations of the two can lead to a change in energy leveles causing both anxiety and depression to occur at the same time. Many treatments used for both are also the same, this including some antidepressant medicines.

The Link Between Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are considered to be two different types of mental disorders however, they are more connected than many believe. Both anxiety and depression have their own causes, triggers, symptoms, and sources of treatment, but findings are showing strong links between all categories. Common findings between both include certain disorders, links through media, multitasking, and illnesses. Even though an exact connection associating the two disorders to be the same has not been identified there are many findings linking them to be similar.
An anxiety disorder is acknowledged to be a higher energy state disorder. There are several different types of anxiety, and each type…
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