Link Between Language And Culture

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The material I chose to evaluate is the official English textbook ‘Go for it!’ (Grade 9) published by People 's Education Press. It is widely used in Mainland China as a standard teaching material of national compulsory education. This book is prepared for Chinese teenage aged 13-15 who are the beginners of English study.
In this report, I intend to evaluate Unit 1‘How do you study for a test?’ and Unit 12 ‘ You’re supposed to shake hands.’, using what I have learned as well as my own study experience. The aim of this report is to investigate the link between language and culture in the textbook from the point of view of cultural content and methodology. This is main aroused by Coleman(1996), Holiday(2005), and Hua zhu (2014), ect.
In order to explain how the culture content and teaching approach are suited, the background of English teaching context in mainland China will be briefly outlined at first. The first part of analysis will examine what culture load is carried in the two units. The second part of the analysis will compare the teaching approach shows in textbook and in real classes. The final part of the analysis deal with what features of language are emphasized.
Language Teaching Context
As Holiday (2005) argues that English is international and the local context is the norm, Chinese cultural and education system influences both English Teaching and learning to a great extent.

Education System Comparison
(Mainland China vs. Britain)

School Year
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