Link Between Sustainable Construction And Construction Industry

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The link between sustainable construction and the construction industry itself is inextricable. The two elements of the concept are the cause and effect. Crudely put: sustainable construction is facilitated by the construction industry, and yet the construction industry has the greatest effect of the core factors of sustainable construction in terms of ecology, social and economic ways.

To enable ambitions and targets listed within white papers such as the Sustainable Development Plan (2005), the Strategy for Sustainable Construction (2008) and the Climate Change Bill (2009) there must be a continuation of the legacy of sustainable construction as demonstrated at London 2012 and Glasgow 2014. There are opportunities to embrace
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The first principle is founded in the industry’s impact on the economy. The UK construction industry provides £90billion gross value added to the UK economy, approximately 7% of the UK economy, whilst also supplying 3million jobs, itself approximately 10% of the total employment (Construction 2025, 2013). The construction industry underpins the UK economy, and is effectively a barometer of the economy itself.

The tables listed below demonstrate the bearing that the industry has on both the economy and employment in times of relative boom (the period pre-2008) and that of economic crisis / recession (post 2008):

Listed as 2012 prices and relative to the 2012 economy.
The Construction Industry: Statistics and Policy, 2014

As indicated within the tables, the construction industry is also susceptible to a poor economy, thus the basis for achieving sustainable construction is reliant on the economy it is founded upon. It can be argued that sustainable construction strategies cannot be achieved without a stable economic climate or one that does not show growth (Carvalho, 2001). Such is the impact of construction on the UK economy it was listed within the first phase of the government paper “Plan For Growth” as one of the 8 sectors where barriers were required to be removed to
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