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I am open to any sort of Link with Dizzy really, hopefully a positive one though LOL. friends, lovers, confidants, whatever really, if it goes in a negative way ok but I make no promises for what she does. The muse does what the muse wants after all.

Dizzy is half Succubus and half Cheshire, her father the original Cheshire tricked her mother. Part of the reason her mother treats her as she does. I was almost thinking maybe her animal side starts to take over as she denies who she is and doesn't feed. She actually has a great deal of control up to this point. Its the only reason she hasn't lost her shit and attacked someone. So maybe she can help Ai with that? It be a way he could realize how her control has been pushed to the point it is now. She has such a tight grip on it, when she does lose it...well rather bad. Again she is part animal hehe Thankfully she doesn't have the charm abilities as Ai does or the school would be in for a hell of a lot of trouble.

Oh I have such ideas for him and Yasmin when she gets approved. She is after all a being of nature, energy and natural sexuality. Not to mention she runs about the gardens naked or nearly naked most of the time LOL. I suddenly see a naughty Incubus getting thwack by a bush or something LOL Or caught up by vines for spying on her something, loads of silly fun possible there.
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maybe someone to help her understand things since she has no memory of most things for this day and age. As for using his charm on her and something happening there, I would oocly bring Outlawed Fallen into it and plot with him if we wanted to do that. As it would really affect and involve his character Fallen.

But YAAY for plotting, I'm glad you open to ideas and look forward to coming up to something fun. Let me know if any ideas spark, again I'm totally open to ideas and suggestions.

have fun at work, well as much as you can hehe
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