LinkedIn: The Fastest Growing Media Platform in The World Essay

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Prior to this assignment I had heard about LinkedIn many times but for some reason never created a profile. However, after being required to create a LinkedIn account I now realize the vast potential that it has to offer. For starters, it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. “LinkedIn’s global network adds approximately one new member every second” (Eyres, 2009). Secondly, it provides people the opportunity to network with professionals who may work in the same field as you or people who have similar skills. Your profile can be viewed by virtually anyone, which would be impossible to do with a traditional hardcopy resume. For example, one person who viewed my profile works as a marketer in Ottawa, Canada.…show more content…
In particular I looked for people with job titles related to marketing, this way I could get a perspective for how they viewed certain questions. One thing I really enjoy about LinkedIn is that even though it can be used as a job recruiter website, they do not force you to actively search for jobs. The website has created a stress free environment which is one reason why they’ve seen a steady rise in members. “Because of its professional focus and its many uses outside of recruiting, it has become a standard practice for most professionals to have a profile on LinkedIn” (Sullivan, 2012). I believe LinkedIn is better than traditional resumes because it adds a human element to the process. In my opinion something as simple as a profile picture can help you feel a connection with the person. Standard resumes can be very redundant and may not offer insight into the person’s life. Dr. Pamela Rutledge believes LinkedIn participation represents a shift in how people approach their professional lives. She says, “Social media has changed the way people think about accessing information. People have moved from hunting for “jobs” to connecting with people” (Rutledge, 2009). I agree with Dr. Rutledge, in my experience so far with LinkedIn people have been very interactive with one another. In my short time using this website I have seen many students from Southern who have profiles. One current classmate in my marketing class requested to “connect” with me, which I

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