Linkedin : A Business Oriented Social Media

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By revamping their LinkedIn and Facebook social media pages, as well as creating a Twitter account, New Nordic will be able to connect with essentially everyone around the world. By doing so, New Nordic will be able to be a internationally recognized and credible company when promoting the awareness campaign. LinkedIn is a business oriented social media website that enables people to network themselves on a professional level to others; it is to link businesses, clients and peers together in a professional manner (Edwards et al. n.d). LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to build company credibility and visibility. LinkedIn offers a service where a company can request recommendations from customers, employees, etc., which will enable a company to gain credibility. Not only that, but this feature will allow New Nordic to potentially increase business connections as well as connect with other companies (Flannagan, 2013). By combining the recommendations received from businesses, clients, and employees, and the augmented amount of connections, New Nordic’s credibility will increase, thus they will be able to attract and connect with relevant sponsors or businesses. Because New Nordic only shared one post over two months ago, New Nordic must update their followers more frequently, roughly once a month, in order to captivate followers and demonstrate that they are still active on LinkedIn. Moreover, LinkedIn added a new feature called Endorsements. This new feature will
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