Linkin Park History and Development Essay

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World Music Tyler Remsen
Music 109 April 25, 2004
Research Paper #2 - World Music Group

The Next Evolution in International
NU Metal/Alternative Rock

INTRODUCTION Although music has always personified the culture from which it originated, it has also been the most freely shared mediums between cultures. As new instruments and techniques are embraced by musicians; they are synthesized with the artist’s own styles and music genres then form or evolve with each generation. Musical globalization has been evolving for centuries. The process has just more rapidly developed over the last 50 years with the advent of modern transportation and electronic communications.

‘Nowadays it’s perfectly natural to
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Due to legal reasons, Xero were forced to switch their name to Hybrid Theory, then finally to Linkin Park (a deliberate misspelling of the Santa Monica, California landmark Lincoln Park). Linkin Park created an impact on the Los Angeles club scene and became a regular attraction at the legendary Sunset Strip club the Wisky A Go-Go. They caught the attention of Zomba Music publishing’s Jeff Blue, and then landed a recording contract with Warner Brothers. In late 1999, with the help of producer Don Gilmore, Linkin Park released their debut album in November 2000 titling it after their former band name Hybrid Theory. It received rave reviews for its powerful, eclectic fusion of post-grunge metal, old school hip-hop, and electronic stylings, and garnered heavy radio rotation for the hit singles “one Step Closer,” “Crawling” and “In the End”. The bands popularity continued to escalate steadily and won the favor of MTV’s pop-oriented TRL crowd. 2 Hybrid Theory went platinum eight times, becoming the top-selling album of 2001 and the fifth-best-seller in 2002. 2

After the release, the band toured nonstop playing a total of 324 shows in 2001, moving to headlining status within a year. In 2002 they had earned
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