Linking Liberal and Professional Learning in Nursing Education

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Hermann, M. (2004). "Linking Liberal and Professional Learning in Nursing Education." Liberal Education. 90(4): 42-51 The idea of research can be daunting to anyone, and the idea of taking courses on research methodologies even more so. Nursing research is a two-way academic communication it results from data that comes from the ground up (the egg), but it must be processed by those who have the expertise and time to perform the proper steps within acceptable methodology (the chicken). In the field of contemporary medical care, particularly physician and nursing, there are five major reasons why more than a cursory knowledge of research and research methodology is essential for a professional career: expectation of a level of academic proficiency, ability to understand and communicate complex terminology to multiple stakeholders, an understanding of the research process so that as materials become available they are understandable, the possibility of conducting research and/or further interest in specific subject matter, and finally, the essential need to remain cognizant of contemporary medical developments. The modern nurse is expected to have a certain level of medical expertise that is beyond simple care and advocacy. The nurse is expected to understand complex physiological relationships, pharmacology, and have a certain academic expertise that sets the field to a higher plane. As the medical world becomes more complex, the bar rises throughout the pyramid, and
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