Links Between Cognition And Language

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There are a number of links between cognition and language that form important links. These links are illustrated well, specifically in terms of spatial organization, fire, hunting and cooperative provisioning, within the context of the Gesher Benot Ya’aqov. Gesher Benot Ya’aqov (GBY) is an archaeological site Dated to approximately 780 kya. It provides evidence to support the notion that early hominids were making fires, and spatially organising their lives in a social manner, deliberately around and based upon hearths. Firstly, spatial organisation entails placing and structuring living and working spaces deliberately and consciously, in a manner that amplifies the functionality of the beings within a specific environment. Archaeologists have mapped this specific site through the use of kernel density. The kernel density of burnt and unburnt microliths illustrate that specific parts or sections of the site were used exclusively for performing specific tasks. For example, we can map and see that according to burnt and unburnt fish bones, that fish were processed at the norther part of the site while they were cooked at the southern part of the site. Through this, we can see deliberate spatial allocations of land to be used for specific tasks. This is very important as it also illustrates important links to language and cognition in the following ways. A certain level of cognitive complexity is required for such manipulation of the environment. It would have been far more
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