Links Between Organisational Objectives And Personal Development Objectives

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Personal development objectives are affected by organisations goals, as companies will want to steer their employees in a direction that should meet their corporate strategy and link into the mission statement. However, personal objectives and organisational objectives should tie in together and have a common goal, which should meet the needs of both participants (Dransfield, 2000). Although organisational objectives can hold a negative attribute to employee’s personal development, if the company invests time into employees PDP and employees can see that there is a plan in place for job promotion, then they’re more likely to keep their staff (Cotton, 2011). A future plan will add value to the business as it will improve employee’s skills and personal development strengths which will give a positive effect on the company performance. A.C.1.1 Identify the links between organisational objectives and personal development objectives • Employees should make their goals aligned within the organisation strategy • Achieve a common goal within a given time frame • Work within employee strengths • Acknowledge weakness of individuals • Provide support for individuals taking on intense/ lengthy assignments • Every individual should know their role within the business and how it is tied to the company performance My personal objective – Is to develop my knowledge on sustainable/environmental factors that affect my role. Example – Tarmac mission is to be the UK’s

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