Linux Security

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Robert Hoffman


Research 2.1

Security for computers is one of the most important aspects of a system that has to be in place.

For this paper I will be writing about four security features that Linux systems use; these are SELinux,

chroot jail, openSSH, and iptables. I will briefly describe what they do to provide security.

SELinux (security enhanced Linux) was developed by the NSA, who chose Linux as its

operating system to create a more secure operating system. Since the development of SELinux by the

NSA most Linux distributions now implement SELinux as a standard. Traditional Linux systems use a

security called (DAC) discretionary access control. With this approach users and their objects, i.e., files
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Setting iptables is highly beneficial to your system, along with a main firewall iptables allows for a more secure system based on parameters you set in the iptables.
OpenSSH is a set of programs that provide encrypted communication between networks. Created by the openBSD team as an alternative to the original SSH software. When it starts there are two tasks that it performs right away, first it establishes an encrypted connection, second it authenticates the user. When these two tasks are complete two systems can securely send information back and forth. When the session is started openSSH encrypts anything sent out on the network, this prevents many security risks from being exploited. Two key pairs are used to enable an encrypted connection; a host key pair and a session key pair. The host key pair is established when the system forst boots and consists of public and private keys. The session key pair also consists of a public and private key and these change hourly. When a client first connects with a server you are asked to verify that the server you are wanting to connect to is the right one. Once verification is complete the client make a copy of the servers public host key so the next time the client wants to connect to that server it will have a copy of the key to verify the server with.
Computer security is crucial in
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