Linux vs Windows

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The debate on Windows vs. Linux is truly an on going one with no end in site. Regardless how you come at this juncture you are usually a UNIX supporter or a customer of Microsoft OS and products who are grateful for products of Microsoft. We will in the following paragraphs try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these different systems. We will give a brief description on the cost of these products, what kind of market-share these two systems hold, the availability of application software, and the different types of Hardware needed. We will briefly describe the functionality, performance, File System Comparisons, and the Security that comes with these products. On the Personal Computer show in December 2003
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The protection from viruses and worms is an incredible advantage Linux system has over Windows. Linux possesses much greater processing power than Windows. Linux Servers holds a 39.6 percent market share, while Windows makes up the second largest percentage of server operating systems with 32.2 percent market share. In comparing the cost and market-share each system has its edge in different situation. No one single type of operating system can offer universal answers to all your computing needs.
Availability of Application software
Both Windows and Linux come in many flavors. All the flavors of Windows come from Microsoft, the various distributions of Linux come from different companies (Linspire, Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Knoppix, Slackware, Lycoris). Windows has two main lines: Win9x, which consists of Windows 95, 98, 98SE, and NT class, which consists of Windows NT, 2000 and XP. (Burgess, 2001) Windows actually started, in the old days, with version 3.x which pre-dated Windows 95 by a few years. All the Linux distributions released around the same time frame will use the same kernel. (Burgess, 2001) They differ in the add on software provided, GUI, install process, price, documentation and technical support. Both Linux and Windows come in desktop and server editions. Linux is customizable in a way that Windows is not. There are many special purpose versions of Linux above and beyond the full blown
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