Lion Cubs Short Story

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Once upon a time, there was lion and his three cubs in the African jungle. They were playing for hours and hours. The lion cubs were tackling each other while the mother looked on. Eventually as time went on, she started to doze off. She tried to stay up and watch her kids, but her sleepiness overtook her eyes and she fell asleep. Five hours later, she woke up and her cubs were gone. She thought they went to go hunt, so she waited...and waited...and waited, but they never came back so she went on journey to find her cubs. She looked through the jungle to find them.
First, she looked at their favorite spot to play. It was a large dry grass field with only one tree seen in the distance, the wind was blowing briskly on the tall, slender blades
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They asked if they needed help and the lion and snake said that they needed to find three lion cubs. They all said that they only saw two lion cubs. Then the mother asked “What direction did they run in!?!” the troop leader said “West”. The lion gave her thanks and they bolted as fast as they could to find a clue. Suddenly, they saw a cub in the distance and kept running until they saw the body up close. It was hers. She realized it was dead and at the instant she was full of retribution. She wanted to kill whoever killed her son, Ayokunle. she wondered where her other cubs were. She her a jeep in the distance. Her and the snake went towards the jeep. It was coming closer and she saw two human males in the jeep. She noticed something move in the back and she saw it was one of her cubs. She ran up on the hood of the jeep and the man jumped out. She said “I’ll be back to get you.” She roared at the people and the snake came out of nowhere and bit one of the men, so her pounced on him and scratched and bit him until he died. The other man was scared out of his mind and he didn’t know what to do so he shot her but she didn’t feel it. She attacked him the same way she did the other human. She attacked him until he was dead. The suddenly after she killed him, she started to feel the gunshot wound and then she died when trying to get her cubs out of the jeep. The cubs hopped out of the jeep and asked the snake what happened to her. They were confused. He said “Your mother has died. When you were in the back of the car, she got shot trying to save you guys.” Her last words were “fate can destroy the plans of even the strongest and most determined
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