Lion Dancing

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Lion Dancing Every time when you see youth swiftly glistening over the rampaging ungodly Earth accompanied with the blistering heated wonder of the orb-like sun, it can take you back to your exhilarating days with no headaches, worries, or obligations also known as, childhood. Worries, headaches, obligations, these are enemies within ourselves that we must overcome. These flea-like worries are infesting everyone. We are being overwhelmed by these creatures. The only ways to fight off such beasts are to find relaxation, comfort, and soothing. These can come in different ways such as an event, a ritual or even a location that eases your mind in tranquility. I have a special event where I can be at ease and just enjoy: the lion…show more content…
As I head out towards the lion dance, I go through a maze-like structure. On my way towards the dance, an oppressive smell of gunpowder fills the unruly air. You can hear the deafening explosions from the fire crackers dominating the skies. This place yet so full of commotion, I can just be at ease. I can just enjoy what I see, the amazing spectacles that the Lion Dancers perform for me. It eludes me in a carefree manner much like a mindset of a child. After some odd minutes, the maze is at its end. Just a few more steps towards the carefree experience I have been striving for. Up the stairs, and around the corner is the great spectacular I have been in search of, the lion dance. The oriental designed lions, such use of dazzling colors. A blinding white base, with a bold red trim demonstrates the wise lion. The single horn at the top is dignifying. Such ferociousness of the imitation of a lion, it holds my interest on how they made it resemble the current lions so well when they didn’t exist in those parts of Asia. The thundering of the drums which so boldly overcomes the explosions from the firecrackers initiates the dancing of the lions. The Lions with such pride and honor bow towards one another in a sign of respect and agreement for the battle. The Buddha in high spirits guides the lions while they brawl for the red envelope and lettuce. The footwork and

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