Lion Descriptive Essay

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Rapid clacking noises of the rim of the taiko drums began the opening ceremony. All I saw were bamboo sticks and mechanisms connecting my eyes and ears while my hands held the mouth. I jumped up and got in my crouching position. The bass of the taiko drums vibrated in my heels and chest; I felt alive. Adults and children, watching my partner and me, were amazed and a little scared. As I shook and swung the 20-pound lion head around, I realized my effect as a leader on the crowd. As I feasted on the cabbages, Chinese red envelopes, and oranges, I realized I was much more than just some bamboo sticks and mechanisms. On the outside, I was a lion. A golden fur bearded, red and green-eyed, rainbow-colored pom-pom covered, various art patterned lion!
Boom, bang, cling. The beat of taiko drums, gongs, and cymbals rang in coordination as I ran downstairs with my friends. As we rushed, our teacher shouted at us to slow down because we can barely reach the huge steps that go downstairs, but I was excited, so I ran anyways. As I burst through the doors, I saw a colorful lion going crazy, parading around the auditorium! I stood there as my heart raced and stared at it just wondering how they were making the lion look so alive. Right then, I was instantly hooked.
Two years later, when I finally graduated kindergarten, I went to first grade. I became the butt of the lion, the follower, the bottom. There was a strap that connected to my waist that allowed my movements to wag the springy
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