Lion King Analysis

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A good soundtrack is vital to a film these days. We have good movies with good plots or stories that are not as good but have amazing soundtracks. Years ago, this was not much of a problem with the beginning the best Disney’s The Lion King. Th Lion King not only has a great strong plot with captivation and charismatic characters, but an amazing, and award-winning soundtrack, with creators like Tim Rice, Lebo M, Elton John and Hans Zimmer working on this film, the music and instrument meld in beautifully with the story and they fully express the essence the movie is trying to give off. ~Setting~ The movie’s setting takes place in Africa. There is no specific place (fond a better word) where exactly the movie takes place but here is a mix of Kenyan mountains and landscapes with what look like Zimbabwean waterfalls. The artist working off on the set of the film visited Hell's Gate National Park in Kenya. With this setting its only fitting to have the music in the movie to be African with a mix of tribal instruments. ~Circle of life~ The first (and most amazing) sing to be introduced in the move happen with the very first minutes of the movie and it grabs in the audience right away. “Circle of Life” is one of Disney great and meaningful songs to (EVER EXIST). the song starts out powerful with the lyrics “Nants ingonya baba githe baba”. Not only has the phrase been said incorrectly countless time, but it’s something anyone who has seen the film will remember. This song is

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