Lion King and Hamlet - Compare and Contrast

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Similarities and Differences Between The Lion King and Hamlet
As innocent and young the Disney movie “The Lion King” may seem, it is, indeed, loosely based off of the renowned Shakespeare play “Hamlet”. It would seem strange to the typical audiences of each, but when looked at closer, it is seen that they are actually related underneath the youthful, animated surface of The Lion King.
One of the main aspects that connects The Lion King and Hamlet is the characters. Simba and Hamlet are both princes of their kingdoms. Hamlet, a man, and Simba, a lion cub, are in the same situation which is coping with and avenging their fathers’ deaths. Hamlet goes crazy and creates a whole plan of revenge but Simba simply runs from the problem altogether
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An enormous range of people was reached between these two works of literature.
The fact that animals were used in The Lion King is almost ironic. This is true because not only were the characters in The Lion King more civil, but the people in Hamlet acted more like animals – territorial, aggressive, immature, and thoughtless. The irony in The Lion King continues with a line from Pumbaa, “All this time I thought that all of the sparkly dots in the sky were big balls of burning gas billions of miles away.” Rafiki, the baboon that acts almost as Simba’s conscience, calls Simba a baboon because he won’t go back to his pride.
Another similarity between the two is the sighting of the father’s ghost. Simba sees it and it serves as his revelation moment before he returns to his pride. For Hamlet, his father’s ghost is his cue to avenge Hamlet Sr.’s death. The word “wind” is used several times throughout Hamlet and it is also used in one of Simba’s lines before he sees Mufassa’s ghost.
The end of Hamlet is completely different from that of The Lion King. As most Disney movies go, there is a happy ending and all is well after justice is served. Shakespeare takes a different position. At the end of Hamlet, almost everyone dies. The only survivor is Marcellus, the extremely faithful and supportive best friend of Hamlet through the entire play. However, at the end of The Lion King, Zazu who was held captive by Scar and the hyenas is set free. Scar is the only one
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