Lion Nathan Pestel Analysis

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Table of contents * Title Page * Introduction * External Environmental analysis * Macro- External Environmental * Industry Attractiveness * Competitor Analysis * Conclusion Introduction Lion Nathan Newzealand breweries are formed by amalgamation of some Australia and Newzealand food and beverages companies. In 1795 James Squire, convicted highway robber and publican, started his business in Australia producing the first breweries and his legacy pass through Lion Nathan’s Malt Shovel Brewery. In 2009 Kirin Holding Company Limited holds 100 percentage ownership of Lion Nathan. Lion Nathan merged with National Foods in late 2007 to form Lion Nathan National Food. Lion Nathan is one of…show more content…
This type of companies will increase job opportunities in the country, Lion Company employs close to 7500 people in Australia and Newzealand. Technological By using technologies company can give more information about the products through internet regarding the price, quality and quantity. By using modern technology for making the product will reduce wastages of resources and emission. We can find out different kind of products produced by the company when we visit their web page, also it will help us to find out where we can buy the products. No a day’s e- commerce is playing important role, we can order any things through online and it will be deliver to our door steps. Environmental In breweries field the environmental problems are very high so every company look forward to solve the problems through some campaigns for that they spend a lot. They prompt recycling of the use bottles. The energy consumption and re using the resource saves our natural resources. Then the company should maintain good relation with the consumers to maintain a good consumer confidence in their products. Major problem is the cost of importing and exporting of the products, it will change from country to country. Legal Every country has their own laws

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