Lionel Messi : The Greatest Footballer Of All Time

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“Lionel Messi has made the break, he is gonna go for the goal! Lionel Messi shoots and what a fantastic goal…There is the whistle Barcelona wins 5-4 to Man City what a fantastic ending.” What would you say to the greatest footballer of all time? Lionel Messi has been an idle for thousands of people and I want to know why. What makes him so good? What is his story? All I know about the man is that he is an amazing football player for one of the best clubs, if not the best, called Barcelona. He participated on the Argentina World Cup team and sadly did not win. In the height of his career, at the age of twenty-eight, and an ultimate beast in every football game he is in. He is one of the most famous people around the world and hardly anybody in America knows who he is. I would like to know what has he done to get to this point. Where has he come from? How did he become so dominant on the pitch? What teams has he played for? Who mentored him? What awards him the title as the best football has ever seen? From this I was able to form my research question: Who is the man of legend? The Search It took me about one week to fully research my topic and get everything that I needed out of the sources I chose. I began my search on a great site called is a site that helps you find news articles and books that relate closely to your topic. My first source was not that great, having just the main points of my topic, it was very short and I was disappointed

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