Lions And Sheep By. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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Lions and Sheep By what phenomena do men become an alpha or beta? Natural selection? Societal circumstance? Nevertheless men remain segregated into lions and sheep, dominators and dominated. Tom Buchanan and George Wilson are prime examples in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby of an ascendant and inferior. Tom is a vastly wealthy man who foils George’s personality and traits. He asserts dominance on George by taking his wife as his mistress. He and others push George to submission as well. Tom is naturally born into wealth and prosperity where George has no choice but to labor his way to what little claim he has in the world. He resides in a desolate wasteland of a setting in a run down garage unlike Tom, who lives in an extraordinary palace of a home. However, the men’s actions are similar once their spouses and marriages are tossed in jeopardy. Tom is a dominant privileged force in the novel, while on the other hand George is destitute and submissive, but reveal their feelings for their wives and take action to maintain or pay back what is theirs. Interactions between these two characters serve as enough to reveal each other 's’ traits. Tom’s relationship with Wilson immediately reveals to us his dominating nature. Tom cheats on his wife with George’s wife, George gets cheated on by his wife. Tom is the lion and George is the sheep. However, Tom is not alone in displaying his dominance on George, he is also domineered by his his own wife. First meeting Myrtle and

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