Lion's Roar Mandala Tibetan Buddhist Meditation & Dharma Center

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Lion’s Roar Mandala Tibetan Buddhist Meditation & Dharma Center meets at the Do Nga Dhargey Temple, meaning “Sutra and Tantra Flourishing” (Location). Sutra means “a collection of aphorisms relating to some aspect of the conduct of life” (Sutra). In other words, they are sayings that are meant to help you to reflect on life and how we should all act. Tantra is when you try to make a connection with the Buddha(s) through yoga and meditations. Upon approaching the temple, one cannot help, but to notice how clean their temple is from outside; the lawn is mowed, the path is swept, the building is without stains or damages, the bushes and trees are pruned, even the gate looks nice! Arriving a few minutes early to the “Mindful Meditation for Everybody” 9AM session on October 24th, taking my Jordan’s – sneakers – off and one of the members giving me a prayer book, there is a box for donation. This is important because churches, temples and mosques need to have a way for sustaining their location. I respect that they do not force payment. I was quickly and vaguely given the run down by others participating. Most everyone was sitting in the seats, few on cushions, when the gong rang. As the teacher walked in, everyone stood and bowed as a sign of respect and did not sit until he did. The altar was covered in fabric and pictures of Buddha in yoga position (Buddha almost seemed as a deity). Prayer was done in English from a prayer book. It was a little baffling as to why Buddhists

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