Liposuction Paper

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Liposuction is one of the most significant and improved areas of dermatologic surgery. It is done as an aesthetic method in order to remove fat deposits in patients leading to the prevention of fat buildup or lipodystrophy and enhancement of body shape and structure (Franco et al., 2012). Aside from cosmetic purposes, liposuction is also performed for the treatment of specific medical conditions (Healthwise Staff, 2015). Liposuction entails the insertion of small, thin tubes or cannula through minute skin incisions. Fat is sucked out through the cannula as the surgeon operates the tubes around and under the skin for the effective removal of fat deposits (Healthwise Staff, 2015). This type of clinical procedure can also be done separately…show more content…
Informed consent forms are necessary in order to uphold the patient’s right of decision-making and self-determination. It is legally mandatory for health practitioners to release pertinent information about the possible complications and expected side effects aside from the positive outcomes of liposuction and other cosmetic procedures. Health clinics are required to provide informative booklets and brochures which adequately explain the health benefits and risks of such procedures to their patients (Zuckerman & Abraham, 2008). One can sue a health practitioner for medical malpractice if he or she failed to establish an effective communication with his or her patient and in turn, has not provided any form of consent. Medical malpractice can also be considered for the incompetence that a surgeon has displayed with regard to the procedure, thereby causing multiple injuries and health complications on the patient. Finally, one can file a malpractice lawsuit due to a practitioner’s violation of duty which resulted to damages such as paralysis or death on the part of the patient (Health Leaders Media,
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