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El Lissitzky’s real name was Lazar Markovich Lissitzky. He was born in Russia on November 23, 1890, in Pochinok, Russian Empire. He was a Russian artist, designer, typographer, photographer and architect in the early 20th century. In 1905, he started to draw and paint, being influenced by the Russian Painter, Mikhail Vrubel. Lissitzky’s father did not believe that the government in Russia would lead to a good future for him and his family so he decided that he would travel to America by himself to find a stable job and settle down before bringing over wife and son. However, a year later when he tried to bring them to America, Lissitzkys mother refused to leave Vitebsk. Lissitzky would spend much of his childhood in the small town before going off to live with his grandparents.
He attended high school
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Suprematism is the simple geometric shapes associated with an idea, developed in the Russian abstract art movement. Lissitzky used geometric forms to design some artwork for the Soviet Union. He helped develop suprematism with his friend and mentor, Azimir Malevich.

Constructivism is an early 20th-century movement in Russia. Movements in objects are combined into basic forms. It has influenced many pieces of modern architecture and design. Lissitzky was working on a very important part to spread a Constructivism program beyond Russia. He spent time in Berlin during the early 1920s because he was responsible for moving the movement to Germany. And then from Germany, this program spread into other places, including the Untied States.

In 1923, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and his health declined. He was not allowed to travel out of the country; however, it did not stop him from working on his design posters, publication books, architectural design projects, art direction, and artwork for the Soviet Union.

He spent the rest of his life creating more advertising artwork for
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