Essay about Lisa Benton: Case Study Review

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Assignment 3:
Lisa Benton Case Analysis
Katherine Torkelson
Jack Welch Management Institute

JWI 510 Leadership in the 21st Century
March 10, 2013

Executive Summary
This paper will discuss and analyze Lisa Benton, a recent Harvard Business School graduate. She is now an assistant product manager at a company called Houseworld. Lisa has a poor relationship with her new boss and coworker and she recently received a poor performance review. She is worried about her future with the company, and if she chose the right company to begin her career after receiving her MBA.
Lisa had a tough decision to make. During her time in school working towards her MBA, she worked as the assistant to the president of Right-Away
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4). This was contradictory to what Lisa’s current strategy was. She was going to listen to Scoville’s (Deborah’s “go to” associate) comments to remain in “learning mode, she [Lisa] thought it best to be quiet and act like a learner (Weber, 1994, p. 4). If Lisa is remaining in this mode, even though it is her first month, she is not exuding a sense of reliability. Manager’s look at employees that could be labeled “A players” who do what they say and get the job done (McIntosh & Luecke, 2011). Lisa needs to step up and give her “A” game in order to establish reliability so as to increase this element of influencing her boss, Deborah, and her associates. Over time, reliability develops, just as it does with trustworthiness. The last part of this particular model of the Foundation of Influence is assertiveness. A person who lacks assertiveness, which in turn has very little influential power, allows themselves to be pushed around or aside, or they “hide their light under a bushel.” “Assertiveness is a mode of personal behavior and communication characterized by a willingness to stand up for one’s needs and interests in an open and direct way. The assertive person stands up for things that matter to him while respecting the things that matter to others” (McIntosh & Luecke, 2011, p. 15). Lisa has had trouble influencing her boss, Deborah, because she has not shown, clearly enough, her
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