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My boredom lingered on despair as I sit at home alone wondering what my friends are doing at school. I wouldn’t be in this situation if I would have stayed out of trouble. My antics got me suspended from school, and enough trouble with the law that they had me on house arrest. I could not talk to my friends and I couldn’t go anywhere either. My thoughts start to stray towards Lisa. Lisa is a petite blonde that amazes me with her intelligence. I find myself thinking about her more and more often as I serve out this time on house arrest. She has a flawless complexion and her curves make her seem older than her 15 years. I guess we could call my feelings toward her lustful.      Finally, it’s 3:00 on a Friday…show more content…
It makes me so pissed off I could spit bullets that someone is out with my Lisa. Don’t let me find out who is. I try again every hour on the hour to reach my Lisa and about 6:00 I finally get her.      "Where you been," I ask her.      "Out," she replies.      "Oh, well I was just wondering what you thought about you and Anna sneaking out tonight and meeting me and Martin at Oakdale."      "Okay, sounds like fun," she replies coolly.      Goddamn is it possible to shock this girl. I love her.      "Well, I’ll see you then."      "Okay, bye."      "Wait, you don’t want to talk awhile?"      "Okay," she says indifferently.      We proceed to talk until it’s time for me to hang up for dinner. This girl is amazing she can talk about anything and hold me in total rapture. I tell her that I will see her this evening.      The escape goes off like it has numerous times in the past. I watch TV until Mom and Dad go to bed then about 10:15 I go outside to smoke and stay until 10:45. If Mom and Dad haven’t noticed my absence by now they won’t. I walk to Martin’s house.

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