List And Explain The Four Causes Of The War Of 1812

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War of 1812 -mini project Q: List and explain the four causes of the war of 1812 A1: One of the causes of the war of 1812 is that France tried to prevent Britain from trading with other countries and Britain did the same with France. Other countries in Europe were drawn into the struggle. It had an extremely negative impact on the United States, which had a lot of merchant ships. Long-term causes blended with immediate ones. A2: Another cause was British warships made American merchant ships stop and get inspected. In some cases, they found British seamen on board. The British captured them and forced them to work on British warships. This was called impressment, it was only legal of the sailors were British deserters. However this was not always the case. Impressment was a violation of the American law, the Americans protested loudly, but the British ignored the Americans complaints. A3: The third reason was because during the Treaty of Paris, in 1783, had given the Ohio Valley to the US. This treaty had required the Americans to respect the treaties already signed with the First Nations. The American settlers began to move into the region, the First Nations said they were losing too many traditional areas to the settlers. Treaty’s were being ignored, so the First Nations went to the British for assistance. The British feared of they did nothing the Americans would start to advance to Upper Canada. The First Nations were also making false reports

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