List Factors Of Software And It Projects For Specific Countries

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Current Research There has been extensive research carried out and articles written that list factors of software and IT projects for specific countries. (Nasir, 2011) However, research shows that there is a lack of concrete and aligned content specific to sustainable educational technology systems. Research on factors that lead to sustainable educational technology systems also lack deep or targeted research. Alexander J. Romiszowski carried out the most closely aligned study, which focused on factors leading to successful or failed educational technology innovation. However, in this study, Romiszowski found that, many lists of critical factors were composed of opinions with little supporting evidence by non-practitioners. (Romiszowski, 2004) Throughout the research process, there are number of indirectly related studies and literature that connect to sustainable educational technology systems and factors that builds a foundation for future research.
In relation to sustainable educational technology, Beborah Lowther and a team researchers, investigated the effectiveness of Tennessee EdTech Launch (TnETL), which was a technology program development and implemented to meet technology standards set by the No Child Left Behind Act (2008). The goal of the TnETL was to use trained full-time technology coaches to help teachers develop dynamic lesson that increased students’ a technology skills. (Lowther, Inan, Strahl & Ross, 2008) To evaluate TnETL, Lowther and her team, used a

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