List Main Components : Agent, Host, And Environment

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Epidemiologic Triangle.

Epidemiologic Triangle – is a standard health model that is used to analyze different issues in public health and it is consist of three main components: Agent, Host, and Environment.
In HBV triangle –
Host factor – Human, is the only host for HBV. (immune status, age, vaccination status play important role for susceptibility of virus.).As was mentioned above, most common HBV is perinatal transmission (from mother to infant at birth).HBsAg and HBeAg positive mother will have infected the baby. But risk only about 10 % - if mother only HBsAg positive. About 90% of baby HBV will progress to chronic form. When,
Acute infection transmitted mostly via sex or blood may last six months, and not immune compromised adults will recover successfully. But a person with an acute form of HBV able to transmit the virus to other unvaccinated people (Hepatitis B Foundation).
Agent - HBV - virus able to cause disease. HBV is a small, double-shelled virus from the family Hepadnaviridae. It is relatively resilient and, in some instances, has been shown that in room temperature continue to be infectious on environmental surfaces about seven days and remain transmissible. (

Environmental Factors.
It is a factor that play most important role in public health and transition of disease.
Socioeconomic position – education, income, occupation, availability of quality medical service. Environment and condition in which people live in.
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