List Of Major Characters In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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Title: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
Historical Date the Book was Published: 1958
List of Major Characters:
Okonkwo: Main character, leader, power hungry man, tragic flaw leads to downfall
Nwoye: Okonkwo’s son, joins Christianity, Okonkwo believes he is weak and unworthy, feels outcasted from community
Ezinma: Okonkwo’s favorite kid, understanding, Okonkwo wishes she was a boy
Mr. Brown: White missionary, brings peace and understanding to the Igbo people, builds schools and hospitals 4. List of Minor Characters: Ekwefi: Second wife of Okonkwo, mother of Ezinma, ran away from first husband Reverend James Smith: Replaces Mr. Brown, strict, wipes away culture and tradition Obeirka: Old and close friend of Okonkwo, guide …show more content…

In addition, since it is not told from a single person, there is no bias and it enables the narrator to describe each character in a distinct and unique way. The purpose of utilizing third person omniscient is to help the audience develop a deeper understanding of the characters and how they function and act in the Igbo society.
9. Social/Political/Philosophical Agendas or Issues Being Dealt with by the Author(Themes)
One of the biggest agendas of Achebe in writing this novel is to present the point of view of the tribal Africans. The presence of the Christian missionaries prove this point and Achebe recognized this problem and how it essentially wiped out the true culture and tradition of the Igbo. He wanted to display the real problems and lives of the Igbo society without any outside influence. Another important theme that is conveyed is that being too strict or ambitious with our children cautions us to behave with prudence as opposed to emotion. Throughout the book, Okonkwo lives by emotion and his only goal is to come off as a strong fighter. His strict attitude towards Nwoye only causes him to act against Okonkwo’s choice and join the Christian missionaries. Achebe shows that we should be flexible and raise our kids with judgement and leniency, because if we rule by emotion, it can lead to our downfall. (As seen in both Okonkwo and

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