List Of Parts And Assemblies From Bill Of Materials

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Figure 9. List of parts and assemblies from bill of materials.

Figure 10. Bill of Materials totals.
As it scored second in the decision matrix, the "Drop Down" design has been reserved as the backup concept. It can be seen again below in Figure 11. Figure 11. Back up Design.
This design uses a single file track that keeps the nails in line one at a time. This would eliminate the possibility of jamming in the event that having multiple nails side by side causes a jam. The backup concept also uses gravity instead of magnetism to place the nail in the slider arm. This would mean that non-magnetic nails could be used making the design more universal. In all other respects, the drop design works in the same way as the box and
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One of the statistics stated that $82.62 million were spent from 2002 to 2007 on "Hammers & Sledgehammers." More specifically, over those same years 75.77% of that money was spent on just hammers, which totalled $62.60 million. This same study stated that imports and exports only accounted for 38.669% of the market in the U.S. Therefore, it was found that the total amount spent on hammers during those years was roughly $161,900,000. [1]
Next, a study done by the Freedonia Group called Hand Tools: United States was used to further form an assumption on the number of products that could be sold. This study talks about the tool industry 's total sales and makes predictions on the future earnings of this industry. From this report, it was found that the total sales for hammers increased by 4.1% from 2007 to 2013. This means that the total sales for 2013 of hammers was around $168,500,000. In this study, predictions were made on the future market potential for 2018. It predicts that the market for hammers will increase by 2.5% for each year that passes. With that in mind, the prediction for the total sales of hammers within the U.S for 2018 came to be nearly $190,000,000. [2]
After making this prediction on the total sales for 2018, the average price of a hammer was researched on Amazon and was found to be between $10 and $30. With this in mind, a range was calculated for the total number of hammers that will be sold in 2018, and was
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