List of Instruction Models

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Instruction Models Dick and Carey ISD model essentially consists of nine basic steps that are systematic in nature as shown in the diagram below Diagram 1. As presented by Hee-Sun Lee & Soo-Young Lee (2012). The nine components above can be summarized as below (Dick, W., & Carey, L. (1996); Is to identify what the learners are required to be able to do at the end of the instruction Carrying out instructional analysis helps determine a procedurally what learners are engaged in while executing the goal and in turn determine what knowledge and skills are needed. Identifying the entry behaviors helps identify the learners' current skills, attitudes as well as preferences and the qualities of the instructional setting. Here the instructor will gather the pertinent information about the learner like the entry behaviors, attitudes toward content, prior knowledge of the topic area and viable delivery systems. By writing the performance objectives one is able to specify what the learners will be able to do with the skills to be learned statement as well as the criteria for these and the criteria. Developing an assessment instrument will help develop an assessment consistent with the objectives of the performance. The instructional strategy will aid the instructor to develop strategies in pre-instructional activities, present information, enhance learner's participation, aid in testing and follow-through activities. Developing and selecting instruction enables the
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