Listening Abilities Class Reflection At The Beginning Of The Semester

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Listening Abilities Class Reflection At the beginning of the semester, when we were analyzing some of our undesirable listening habits, I narrowed it down to one that I really wanted to focus on improving this semester, that being remembering. In attempt to better my memory skills, I compiled a list of positive and productive steps that I was going to work on, on a daily basis to help me change how I listen. Those being; avoid distractions, such as my phone or other electronics, while others are talking, focus on not interrupting others, sit in silence at least five minutes a day to clear my mind, eat right, and to try to reduce my stress. I will say these goals were hard to achieve and it was easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal. But…show more content…
Interrupting was never really something that I did often, but just something that I knew was extremely important for being a good listener. I thought it was important to acknowledge it as something I wanted to be extremely aware of. With that being said, I would certainly consider this as a goal that I achieved. As far as the other productive steps that I set for myself at the beginning of the semester, they were a little harder for me to achieve. Sitting in silence for 5 minutes a day was something that I was not consistent about doing. I would be really good at making myself do it for about a week or so, and then I would forget about it and fall out of the groove. Then a few weeks down the road I would reevaluate what I was supposed to be working on for this class and get back into the groove of doing it. It was something that I did, but not something I did consistently so I would not really consider this as a goal that I achieved. Eating right and reducing my stress were the two other productive steps I set for myself. These aren’t so much productive steps, but more so lifestyle changes. So I knew going into this that these would be hard to achieve. I will say they are things that I certainly have been more conscious about and have made slow and steady improvements on. I rarely eat fast food, only in desperate times when that is literally my only option, which is

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