Listening And Listening Skills

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Listening skills are crucial for developing effective communication skills. It greatly influences the way one speaks. This means we tend to speak what we listen. This is also true of our mother tongue. All of us, as children, learnt our mother tongue the same way. A child learns to speak its mother tongue by listening to its mother’s language; observes gestures and formulates vocabulary in a social context from those who live around it.Littlewood (1984) states that: “The child imitates the sounds and patterns which he hears around him.” As it is a natural phenomenon or approach to Language learning, there is a strong relationship between listening (a receptive skill) and speaking (a productive skill). It is this co-relation which produces verbal expression. Listening is one of the four basic skills through which a language is taught. It is one of the two skills that we use when communicating orally. According to Rost (1991).However, he feels that in recent times listening is assuming greater importance…show more content…
Commenting on the existing coursebooks, Hill and Tomlinson(2003) suggest a list of listening activities that have potential for achieving rich intake of language, such as listening to short stories,extracts from novels, anecdotes, plays, news, documentaries and commentaries and poems and then engaging in discussions with peers on various topics. Such task-oriented activities provide learners with a reason to speak. While facilitating intake, interactive listening activities also provide opportunities to process the information in multidimensional ways. This process includes mental repetition of what is heard, connecting what is heard to life experiences and knowledge of the world and responding effectively. This helps in rich and relevant intake as well as retention of silent features of the
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