Listening Behaviors From Myself And Other Group Members

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In communications class, we worked as a group to accomplish a set task and complete a project. The group members were assigned randomly. I found working in a group to be more difficult than I expected because each decision needs approval of each member, and if each individual does not complete his or her assigned task, the group is effected as a whole. During the assignment, I made several observations and noticed different behaviors. While working on the group project, I noticed different listening behaviors from myself and other group members. When we were first trying to agree on a topic, I talked about one possible idea while another member, Simone, appeared to be pseudo listening. At first, I thought that she was paying attention and actively listening. However, I realized that I was wrong when I asked for her opinion on the idea and she said “huh?” A group member engaged in pseudo listening when she pretended to be listening to me. Another listening behavior which I observed was selective listening. The other group members seemed to be guilty of selective listening since they did not hear which tasks they personally were assigned but knew what tasks the other members were assigned. They wanted to hear about the project and which roles others would have but did not want to hear about what they had to do. The group members engaged in selective listening when they listened but only heard what they wanted to hear. One large challenge that our group faced was making
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