Listening For Information The Goal

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When listening for information the goal is to gain and evaluate the information given to us. We get this information from various places throughout our day to day lives. For example, in classes, new stories, political debates, and more. We may need guidance during a doctor’s appointment or when given directions. During all of these cases “we listen to gain and understand information in order to act appropriately” (Wood, 2015). Being mindful is an import first step. Staying focused when the information gets complicated or confusing can be difficult however, don’t let your mind wonder and take in as much information as possible. You can always ask questions later and get a better understanding about what you didn’t understand. I sometimes struggle with this. As I lose interest or get lost in what the other person is trying to tell me my mind then starts to give up. I can make little notes about what was not clear so the person can elaborate further and allow me to get a better understanding. When it is hard to concentrate on a conversation look around and see what is making it hard to pay attention. Maybe there is too much noise from the T.V., or the room is too cold or hot. These are things you are able to control by turning off the T.V. or setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. With three kids in my house the T.V. is almost always on. This can be a huge distraction for me at times. Another control obstacle I struggle with is trying to minimize
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